Give your audience a voice and collect detailed feedback.

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A Speaker

Become a better speaker by using detailed audience feedback. Minopio allows you to do all this without having to create questions or polls first.

In The Audience

With Minopio, you can ask for clarification without interrupting the speaker. You can signal the parts you want to have discussed during the Q&A-session & contribute to the event’s outcome.

The Event Organiser

Minopio enables your audience to give their opinion on every part of a presentation without interrupting it. A majority agrees with an idea? With Minopio you know which one they liked.

Capture the responses of the audience

Each point that the speaker makes can have his own response from the audience. Listeners either agree or not, either find the point helpful or unclear. Capture these responses for each point. Let the listeners express themselves with a simple tap on a button.

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Results and sharing

Use the stream of information from your audience in 3 ways.

Observe Live Data

Use the most significant audience reactions directly in the talk.

Moderated Q&A

Have a moderator observe live data and prioritise points for the Q&A-session.

Analyse Afterwards

Use in combination with a video recording & share the results and the video with others.

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