Minopio Privacy Policy


This document completes the “terms and conditions” document, as found on the Minopio website, which also contains definitions of terms used below.

Minopio requires user data to operate. This data may be collected with each visit to the Minopio web app or each use of the Minopio mobile app. The company handles these data carefully and ethically. Should you have any concern or request regarding your data, please get in touch with us at info@minopio.com.


Types of data

In order for the company to offer the service to its users, personal data is required. The service to that end collects:

  • Technical information: IP address, device type, browser or app being used to access the service, operating system version etc.
  • Personal information: email address, name, telephone number etc.
  • User content: all content that you provide while using the service, including profile information, information uploaded for your own use in the service, information shared with other users through the service and information transmitted in other interactions with the company, such as helpdesk requests.

The company may also collect voluntarily shared information from social media. The company has security measures in place to prevent loss, theft or alteration of personal data.


Use of data

User data will not be transferred to third parties, except to providers of services to the company, and to the extent that the data are necessary for the operation of the company. User data may be shown to other users to the extent that you allowed this.

Data is primarily used for the purpose of enabling the service to work.

Data may be used to contact you for various reasons, such as reminders, updates, security alerts, answering support requests etc. Data may also be used for direct marketing purposes, both by the company and its partners. A best effort will be made in this case to allow you to opt out easily. You have the right to opt out of direct marketing communication at any time.

Cookies are used to allow the service to work. Cookies are small pieces of information stored on your computer and later resent to the service. Cookies do not contain unencrypted personal information. You may choose not to accept cookies by changing the appropriate setting in your web browser. This will severely affect the functioning of the service.

You are responsible for the accuracy of your personal information. Inaccurate information will affect your ability to access the service, and our ability to contact you as mentioned.

The company may make arrangements with other parties that differ from this document, either in a contract or in some other legal manner. This document shall not prohibit that. In that case, the provisions that are the most favourable to the company apply.

The company is not responsible for content placed by other users. This includes links to other websites or other external content. This content is not systematically verified to be safe by the company.



Updates or changes to this policy and the terms and service document may be made. If these encompass a substantially different use of your data, you will be alerted to this on the website or via email. You will then be given the choice, either to accept the new policy or to stop using the service.


User rights

You have the right to access, modify and delete the data relating to you. Deletion does not extend to backup copies, which are not used for any other purpose than to restore data in case of data loss caused by technical problems. When you stop using the service, your data is not automatically deleted. You also have the right to refuse the processing of your data without charge. Contact us at info@minopio.com if you wish to exercise any of these rights in a way that the service does not allow you to do by yourself.

You may withdraw at any time your consent to share your personal data. You accept that the company is not responsible for the acts of third parties that have received your personal data from the company with your consent.